Catering Business (Social Distancing) Subsidy Scheme

The business of catering outlets with seating areas (i.e. selling or supplying food and beverages for consumption on their premises) have been hard hit by the epidemics and the social distancing measures. The FEHD launches the Catering Business (Social Distancing) Subsidy Scheme to provide financial relief measures to the above catering sector.

The scheme provides subsidies ranging from $250,000 to $2,200,000 to eligible licence holders of general restaurants, light refreshment restaurants, marine restaurants and factory canteens in operation according to the floor area of the premises as specified on the licence, primarily in support of payment of employees' salaries during a six-month period following approval of the application.


Floor Area of Licensed Premises
(as specified on the licence)

Level of subsidy
(to be disbursed in 2 tranches on equal splitting basis)

Not exceeding 100m2


>100m2 - 200m2


>200m2 - 400m2


>400m2 - 700m2






To avoid abuse, an applicant at the time of application shall –

  • undertake that there would be no redundancy of staff for three months on receipt of the first tranche of subsidy and another three months on receipt of the second tranche;
  • undertake that not less than 80 per cent of the subsidies for respective months would be used to pay salaries of staff working at the premises;
  • declare that it has not submitted and will not submit any application under the Employment Support Scheme, to avoid double benefits.

The applicant also requires to submit within a specified period a certificate issued by a Certified Public Accountant (practising) (CPA) on its total staff salaries and total number of salaried staff for each of the months covered by the subsidy.


The scheme is now open for application until 5 June 2020.


For more details and Eligibility of the scheme, please refer to the website of FEHD.

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